Join the MOO Crew!

Interested in spreading the word about our mission to save small organic dairy farms? Or just think our milk is mighty tasty? If you live in the following states where MOO Milk is sold, (ME, NH, MA, RI, CT), join the MOO Crew and spread the love. The MOO Crew is a community of loyal supporters who genuinely care about our cows and our farmers.

Choose between the two MOO Crew options based on how involved you want to be. If you’re already a MOO Crew Ambassador, let us know what’s happening with MOO where you live.

I want to be a MOO Crew FAN

MOO Crew Fan Members:

  • Spread the word about MOO in your local community
  • Join us on facebook to keep current on the latest and greatest MOO news. Share our news with friends
  • Receive a MOO bumper sticker and coupons (when and where available and not prohibited by law)

Just fill out the form so we know where to send your goodies.

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I want to be a MOO Crew Ambassador

MOO Crew Ambassadors are our most devoted and valued advocates. Ambassadors take on all of the responsibilities of MOO Crew Fans, plus they:

  • Suggest events in their town that might be suitable for MOO
  • Act as our eyes and ears at their local store
  • Help us at events in their area where they can get a MOO Crew T-shirt and the satisfaction that comes from making the world a better place for small farms

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